Vicki’s Cancer

Transcript (many thanks to a good friend of our to do the transcript for me!!): I know you are eager to see me face to face. My wife, Vicky, is fine. I know some of you want me to tell you in ASL, so I will from time to time. Anyway, my wife is fine. Chemo seems more likely. But we are waiting today and tomorrow to see if she wants to go ahead with chemo on Monday morning. Right now, she is having pain, and she is taking pain medication to reduce it. Today and yesterday, she has been fine, in a good mood and spirit, talking and joking with me. Today, I noticed that something seems to have hit her physically. She was napping. I worked today, and was cooking food to bring to church tomorrow. I also needed to post something for my ASL students. I did that, and left. This book, “For Hearing People Only” was for them. Anyway, I want you to know that Vicky is fine, except for the cancer in her body. The cancer is through the chest area. It first started on her right side as breast cancer. That was removed. It spread to her liver and lungs, causing pain. It also affected her bones on each side and in her back, where she has some spots of the cancer. It has mainly spread through the upper front area of her body, but the doctor warned that it will spread to her organs and become more complicated. The chemo can help reduce the cancer and limt it, plus reduce the pain, if her body accepts the chemo. Thanks to all of you for your prayers for Vicky and for me, and for our family, too. My sister-in-law, Kim, flew in to help and will go back home on Wednesday. Her mother will come on Tuesday and stay for 3 months to help care for Vicky while I am working. This helps so much. Many of you have been asking how you can help. I’ve thought it over and right now, I don’t know what to say. There are two, maybe three possibilities. The first one is certain. First of all, pray for us for whatever God wants. The second is financial. The chemo is expensive – about $250 per visit. Insurance covers most, but we must pay $250 per visit. That’s expensive, and we have to budget for that. Also, my wife is not working. Also, many of you want to minister to us. We could agree on a schedule of bringing cooked meals on Friday nights. Plus pray for us and talk with us. These are three things that came to mind. We will discuss it this week and let you know. Thank you for your words of encouragement and prayer, and for all your positive actions. I was thinking you might want to grab this opportunity to write a paragraph or two about your thoughts of Vicky and what you and she did together in the past, something you want to express or something you want to share with Vicky before God takes her home possibly. It would be a good idea to compose something and send it to her. I will figure out how you can send it so she can read them all – something better than e-mail or Facebook, where she can read them all together. I’ll figure something out. Caring Bridge is good. You can make guest comments, and she can read them in a list. That might be good, but there may be a limit to the number of characters you can type there. That’s a general summary for now. Vicky is fine, except for her struggle with the cancer. Okay, goodbye for now. Have a wonderful evening. I love you all.

Book Review: Turn A Deaf Ear

I received a book called “Turn a Deaf Ear” from publicist Darlene Chan a month ago. Before I read a few pages, I thought it was about hearing thing. However, after I read a few pages and chapters, I started enjoying to read it. This book is about an interpreter and a Deaf guy. It’s based on an interpreter’s perspective and experience in Deaf world when she first met a Deaf man through her brother. Of course, they married but after I read about their married life and how an interpreter deal with “Deaf” in the hearing world. It amazed me about a passionate heart she has for Deaf world! This person I have a highly respected for because she has “Deaf” in heart. The more I read, the more I want to see more books like this. This is a highly recommended for interpreters and Deaf community.

There are two options: 1. Order and own a book for your library. Go to Amazon. Or 2. Send me your name and email for a draw to get a free book from Publicist Darlene Chan. The draw will occur on August 25, 2012. The winner will receive an email.

Have fun! Enjoy to read this book!