My Life

I born Amarillo, Texas. When I was one year old, my family moved to Montclair in Los Angeles, California. Then when I was nine years old, we moved to Bakersfield, California (two hours north of Los Angeles) and stayed there until I graduated in 1988. I met Vicki at Gallaudet in 1990 and met her again in summer 1991. We fell in love and got married in July 1993. I have been married to my wonderful wife, Vicki, for 17 years.


I went to Bakersfield College before transferred to Gallaudet University in 1989. After ten years later, I went back to school at Austin Community College, 2000-2003. Transferred to North Harris College, 2003-2004 and obtained an Associates of Arts degree. I attended to Lamar University in Beaumont, 2005-2007 and obtained Bachelor Science degree in Health Education. I am currently studying master’s degree in Deaf Education/Deaf Studies at Lamar University. I will be expected to graduate this December 2008 with Master Science degree. I am currently taking Whitefield Theological Seminary online and studying master of divinity in pastoral theology.

M.Div, Pastoral Theology, Whitefield Theological Seminary, Present
M.S., Deaf Studies & Deaf Education, Lamar Unviersity, 2008
B.S., Health Education, Lamar Unviersity, 2007
A.A., General Studies, North Harris College, 2005


I used to play:

Football: 1983-1989 – OJ Actis Jr. High School, Highland High School, Bakersfield College and Gallaudet University

Baseball: 1976-1984, 1990 – Summer league and short played for Gallaudet University (I was quitter and am regretted I should not quit team).

Basketball: 1983-1988, 1990 – OJ Actis Jr. High School, Highland High School and Gallaudet University

Softball: 1986-1990, 1991 – Summer league, church league, IM league at Gallaudet University and church league

Soccer: 1978 – Summer league

Track: 1983-1988 – OJ Actis Jr. High School and Highland High School

Golf: Since 1996 and currently play for Southeast Texas Deaf Golf Association in Houston, Texas


I am born-again Christian since 1990, discovered the Reformed Faith in 1992 and involved ministry since 1990. I used to be participated Baptist but left Baptist for Presbyterian. I am currently pastor at the Deaf Presbyterian Church in Houston, Texas since October 2005.


I am full time ASL Instructor at Lone Star College. My passion is to teach ASL and the concept of Deafhood.


  1. Siby Thomas · June 9, 2010

    I am born-again Christian since 1999. I developed a website that can be seen at The website is dedicated to all deaf individuals who are striving to succeed in their professional goals and ambitions.It would be nice if you could post your profile. It will help other deaf people to become motivated and inspired by your achievements. Please feel free to VP me at 866-281-6292 if you have any questions. Thanks, Siby.

  2. Rin · November 1, 2011

    I attend Christ United Methodist Church of the Deaf in Baltimore MD, but I have family in Texas. Maybe I will be able to visit your church some day.

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