1. Jeanie Carter Donaldson Salyer · March 17, 2011


    Did you work at China Lake, CA, when you were in high school?

    Jeanie Salyer

    • twelch07 · March 24, 2011

      Hi Jeanie,

      Yes, I did in summer 1987 between my junior and senior year.

  2. Jeanie Carter Donaldson Salyer · March 24, 2011

    Hi, Toby~

    I was at the OhSoEasy website where a link to one of your videos was posted. I clicked on it. Thought you looked a little familiar, then noticed your name was Toby. I thought…”Hmmm, could it be the same Toby we knew at China Lake a million years ago?” The more I read, the more I was pretty sure it was You.

    So do you remember me? I was one of the interpreters. Maybe you remember Matthew, too. He was a Deaf employee.

    Anyway, good to be in touch again. Sounds like you’re having a good life and are very successful! So glad to know you’ve studied ASL in depth and that you’re teaching it at the college level. There needs to be more Deaf ASL instructors!!

    Love your videos. It’s always a pleasure to just watch someone Deaf using ASL. I just let the ASL soak into my brain. Thanks!

    (Jeanie Donaldson Salyer)

    Jeet is the name Matthew calls me. 🙂

  3. Elizabeth Donnelly · May 1, 2013

    Toby –

    I would like you to type the Google saying ” Bible Gateway ” and look up the different names of bible books that would help you saving your time when you find your bible scriptures. I am sure that you know what to do your homework for your church being a pastor. I want to share this to you and you might already know about the Bible Gateway from the Google computer. Just take a learn by listening to God teaching you how right way to do with your life. I know the life is not always easy. We have to learn the hard way to do …It is part of being a challenged way. I do forgive you what you had explained about your situation to Vicki. Now, you will not do that to any women or one woman getting hurt. I am glad you did realize your thoughts what you had done wrong from the past months ago. That is good because your situation already got helped you to see your visions then you got to understand why you had made your mistakes. Let God guide you to find how proper you are doing to process your right life. You know… you are being an adult to take your priority of life responsibilities. You will not need to make any more mistakes and you will need to analyze into your depth heart when God talks to you one way being alone.

    Keep a good luck in your direct life. Ephesians 5:25 and 1 Peter 3:7 Keep reminding you of two scriptures in the hoping future as you will be getting a better person as a husband you were already with Vicki but she was gone. Just be cautious with your action being a right and polite manner to any individual women.

    Keep take your precious care by yourself.

    God and Jesus always LOVE you at all the times.

    The Holy Spirit and the Helper will guide you where you go to find the right way place.


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