(Transcript for hearing people)

Hello, everyone!

Recently Alexander Graham Bell (AGB) spread their message and applaud about Nyle DiMarco in their article. Nyle is involving the Dance with the Stars, won the top role model (ANTM), involving LEAD-K to advocate the Deaf children use the ASL. He is very active in the Deaf communities as activism. He is very supportive of the Deaf community and the American Sign Language (ASL) as a true language. I have seen many vlogs and blogs about Nyle. I support Nyle because what he has done for the Deaf communities.

The Article of AGB stated they applauded Nyle, but at the same time, they encouraged not to use ASL because it will cause the Deaf children’s language and intelligence decline. They believe the listening and speaking are the best tools to use the language than ASL. It’s called LSL, Listening and Speaking Language. When I read and see the info about it, I want to discuss in my vlog from the biblical perspective and share what God would say about this situation. I want to give a few things to share that it displayed the AGB is “evil.”

In Exodus 4 talked about Moses met God through the fire in the bush where God is. He called the Moses’ name, and he went to the Lord. The Lord wanted Moses to lead the Jews, God’s people who were slavery to Pharoh in Egypt, to leave out of Egypt. God used Moses to lead the people. In Exodus 4, Moses told the Lord that he is not skilled in speaking before the Pharoh. The Lord asked him, “who made Deaf? Who made blind? Who made all things? I am the Lord, who made Deaf and all things.” The verse is clearly stating that God made you, me and others a Deaf person. Another word, we should accept what the Lord has created.

In Leviticus 19:14 stated we should not curse the Deaf people, not cause blind people to stumble because we must fear the Lord for He is God! Fear doesn’t mean we scare, but to show honor with the Lord reverence attitude. Exodus 4 and Leviticus 19:14 revealed that God created everything included Deaf people.

In Romans 9, (maybe not the chapter 9, another chapter, I don’t remember), talked about the clay and the potter. We are the clay, and the Lord is the potter. For example, if we wanted to make a bowl from the clay, then we are the potter. We decided what we want to make come out of the clay. It is the same idea what God is doing to us. We are the clay, and He is the Potter. He created us, all manlike such as hearing and Deaf people, according to His will. I see how beautiful the creature (cripple, mental challenge, Deaf, hearing, etc.) is beautiful. Some people do not think it is beautiful. The three verses I gave you showed us that God created us all included Deaf people.

AGB acted like God made a mistake for created the deaf people. How? AGB has to force Deaf people to change a different person, language, and culture. They don’t think Deaf people are normal people. When we born, it is what we are according to God’s will to create us. It means we should leave as we are rather than change to the opposite. We should leave it the language, culture, person, etc. alone. We should not change the person to opposition from what he/she is doing since birth.

AGB is an arrogance by declaring ASL caused us decline in intelligence while they applauded Nyle. It is ironic. In the book of James stated that if AGB is arrogance, (by not willing to work with Deaf people or anyone; focus only on the member of the board to make any decision without some people’s influence, and goal is to wipe out all Deaf people), then The Lord resist AGB. They think they know everything and are better than everyone else. It is Audism. Therefore, the Lord detests what AGB is doing. Unfortunately, AGB is present in America, and we have to face them. One reason why they are present is to cause us to become stronger and fight against their conduct. The world will see us how strong we are. We are not the only people fighting it. There are other Deaf people in other countries are fighting as well.

The Bible reveals clear what AGB is doing wrong and “evil.” I support the Deaf communities and Nyle!

So Long!